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Industrial Storage Space

Looking for industrial storage space in Perth?  We offer storage for light industrial operations that require short or long term storage space in Perth and surrounding areas.  

Our large container yard is able to accommodate your industrial storage needs.  Containers can be loaded at your site, picked up and stored at our yard for a specified time period.  We have heavy duty reach stackers and forklifts to store your storage containers efficiently and securely allowing us to offer highly competitive rates in the market.

Scalable Industrial Storage

Storage requirements can be scaled up and down as needed to suit varying storage requirements during certain seasons or at certain times of year.  Compared to traditional methods of storage, we offer excellent discounts for large amounts of storage that don't need to be accessed frequently.

Mobile Industrial Storage
Our shipping container storage units are designed for portability and come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate the items you wish to store.  Container sizes range from 10 to 40 foot and come in general purpose, high cube and pallet wide formats.  We can also provide bulk containers such as open top containers for the storage of granular items. Insulated storage containers are also available for temperature and humidity sensitive goods storage.

Once you let us know your requirements, we can drop off the containers required at your site so that you can load heavy machinery parts, palletized goods and more, directly at your site.  Once finished, we can pick up the containers and store them securely in our container yard.

Self Storage Unit Rentals

Does your home have more stuff than space?  We can help. Shipping containers are an excellent alternative to cheap storage facilities and can save you significant amounts per square meter on services like car storage. As well as cars, our storage containers can fit smaller vehicles, goods in racks or pallets of boxes and loose items like furniture and collectables. Depending on your storage needs, you can choose from 10, 20 and 40 foot storage containers. To get an idea, A 10' container could hold white goods and equipment, a 20' container could hold the contents of a 2 bedroom home and a 40' container could store the contents of a large home with a vehicle, carpet rolls, outdoor furniture etc.

To find out monthly industrial storage rates and transport costs to and from your site, get in touch with us. We encourage you to book your space in advance or request a tour around the facility.  You can review our Perth self storage prices , conact us for a no obligation, free quote or just leave a message on this page and we'll get back to you.

Request a Quote or ask a question

While we do advertise some of our approximate prices online, we recommend requesting a quote to ensure availability and that all considered costs are quoted accurately. Upon receiving your enquiry we will get back to you shortly by email or phone, alternatively please give us a call on 
(08) 9418 8001 or 0415 601 445.

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