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Need to transport a Shipping Container? We offer a range of container transport services to help you move a new or used , full or empty shipping container from A to B to C.

When you hire or buy a shipping container from ABC, we can usually organise delivery within 48 hours. Transport charges are dependent on the kms traveled and the fuel levy applicable at the date of delivery. Transport is usually arranged within 48 hours of purchase/lease but is dependent on availability and location.

Container Transport

Home Contents Relocation

Found a new home? Using a shipping container to transport your home contents can be a more efficient, convenient and cost effective way to move your homely possessions.  With do it yourself removals, we can drop the container to your door for loading at your own convenience and pick it up when you are ready. From this point we can securely store the container(s) at our yard until you require it to be transported to the next destination - a truly flexible, mobile space solution.

For a no obligation, free quote on our container transport services, please leave a message on the quote form below.

Delivery Statewide
Delivery to Perth and Regional WA

As well as Metro Perth, we now transport containers to a growing number of regional areas in Western Australia such as Albany, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Port Hedland just to name a few.  Please contact us for further information, request a quote on this page indicating and we'll get back to you.

Transport Interstate
Transport from WA to another state

Usually, rail is your best option for getting a container interstate. We are happy to advise you on your transport options between regions in Australia.

Transport Overseas
Overseas Shipping Advice

Less than half the price of transport by air, shipping your cargo by sea is the most cost effective way to move decent amounts of cargo. We are happy to offer general advice for shipping your container.

There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing to ship goods overseas. Depending on the nature of the goods you are transporting it is best practice to secure them from movement inside the container. This can be achieved by placing smaller goods in boxes or crates which can then be shrink-wrapped for extra security. If your cargo is already on pallets you may want to consider using a pallet wide container or a high cube container if you need an extra foot of height. Be sure to take advantage of the lashing rings and bars on the inside rails and corner posts of the container to secure cargo such as a vehicle.

Delivery Options

When preparing for a container to be delivered it is important that there are no obstructions at the delivery site i.e. height restrictions, overhanging branches, electrical wiring, uneven surfaces, etc. as any delays will result in additional transport charges or an inability to offload the container/s.  In addition, be sure to observe council regulations by having the container placed away from public utilities, storm drains, septic tanks and set back space from the roadside.

You have the option of choosing between three types of trucks available in the metropolitan area. The type of transport used to deliver your container will depend on a number of factors which we can discuss when purchasing/leasing your container. Below is a basic overview of our truck types.

Tilt Tray

The most common method of delivery where the container is offloaded by tilting the tray of the truck and sliding it off the rear of the tray onto the ground. The container is loaded onto the truck with the doors facing the way you wish to access them once the truck drives off.


This truck offloads and picks up containers to the side of the truck and is useful when delivering or collecting a container with heavy cargo.


A Hiab can offload a shipping container from the side or at right angles. This type of transport would be used when delivering a container into a particular position i.e. over a fence, or curb, or a difficult location.

Example Container Delivery

Pictured here is one of our 40 foot High Cube shipping containers modified to include 3 roller doors being transported out of the ABC Containers yard to a WA destination. The type of truck is a side loader, in that the vehicle will drive adjacent to the target placement area, lift the container up and place it to the right hand side of the truck. With this in mind, it's a good idea to consider your target placement area and ensure the access to the left hand side of that area is clear for the side loader to drive in, unload and drive out.

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