Self Storage Ideas:

To give you an idea of the internal dimensions, the 40ft general purpose container could be used for self storage of:

  • 649 kegs of beer
  • 40-50 motorcycles on two teirs 
  • Contents of a 3 bedroom home

Conversion Ideas:

Using our container modification services, you could turn a 40ft general purpose shipping container into:

  • A portable workshop with a partitioned storage area 
  • Portable accommodation unit with ensuite.
  • An emergency shelter or medical unit for natural disasters, as seen on this you tube video
  • A 40ft demountable classroom
  • An on site meeting room
  • A large portable exhibition space


  • The 40 ft Container can be cut into 2 x 20' Containers or 4 x 10' Containers
  • ISO standard, highly transportable interstate and overseas
  • Having many potential uses, 40 footers can always be put up for sale second hand or re-used for different purposes