Since ABC Containers has become a serious presence on the web, we have taken to collecting information about our visitors.  This privacy policy outlines what information we collect and how we use it.  We want to give you peace of mind with regards to your anonymity.  Further questions are welcomed.
This document will outline:

    1. What information we collect about you
    2. How we use the information
    3. Who we disclose the information to
    4. How you can view, correct or delete the information

1. What information we collect about you
Most information collected originates from the membership registration forms.
We also collect log files which incorporate:
    * Which page you came from and which page you left to
    * Which browser you use
    * Your Internet Protocol addresses (IP)
    * The number times you clicked
    * Your ISP - Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    * The Date and time of your visit
This log file is not related to anything that is personally identifiable.
Thirdly, like many other sites, our site leaves a cookie on your browser.  A cookie is a little piece of information our website leaves behind on your browser allowing your next visit to be tailor made.  This also assists with smooth logging in and easier error handling.
2. How we use the information
When becoming a member we keep the information you give us on a secure database.  Occasionally we analyse some demographics to appropriately target our marketing campaign.  For example, if we find a lot of our online members are based in the Perth  Metro Area we may purchase billboard advertising in Perth City.
When you as a member order our products or services we will utilise the details you give us to satisfy your orders and may shoot out a follow up to check your satisfaction.
3. How and to Whom to we share the information
Quite simply, without your direct permission and consent we do not plan to distribute the personal details you give us to third parties.
4. How you can view, correct or delete the information

This section applies to staff members only.  Once logging in you may access your account information for review, modification or removal.  If you have misplaced your password you may email us directly and ask for a password reset which will be sent back to your registered email address.  

Again, any further questions regarding privacy are welcomed. If you are serious about privacy, be sure to check in again on this page as our policy is subject to change without notice.