Ventilation, often installed on dangerous goods containers helps air flow within the container assisting temperature control and reducing condensation.  On container walls, downward slanting vents channel hot air out and cool air in.  Whirly bird or turbine fan ventillation, installed on the roof of the container, helps extract hot air as it rises.  When combined with insulation and air conditioning a shipping container can be used for living and working spaces in remote sites and extreme environments.



shipping container with ventilation (2)
Side View (6’) Rear End Door (6’) 2 PCS Vents At Each Side
Side View (8’) Rear End Door (8’) 2 PCS Vents At Each Side’
 whirley 0
shipping container with ventilation
top and bottom ventilation included
'Barn Style' double doors and ventilated
Modification Type: 
Container Safety Modifications
Container Temperature Control