Is your shipping container going to be highly visible? If you plan to buy or hire a container and place it in a location where appearance is important we can paint the interior and exterior of any container and brand your company logo and slogan on the walls of the container.  Some clients wish to make their containers less visible, havingin its' colour blend in with its' surroundings such as on a residential premises.  Alternatively, commercial clients often used containers for events and promotion and want to attract attention with bright colours.  Some industrial applications such as yellow dangerous goods storage, require containers to be clad with colours that infer warnings or caution.


Besides keeping your container looking good, a detailed spray paint adds years to the effective life of shipping containers.  As part of the painting service, containers are checked and treated for rust as the surface is prepped for a thorough paint job.  On average, a 20 foot container requires around 20 litres of paint and takes about 2 hours to dry.

If you are buying a used container, we have on hand A grade refurbished containers that have already been checked for rust, repaired if needed and given a new coat of paint.   If you are looking at container modification or need a custom paint job for a specific project, we are happy to discuss colours and rates at your convenience.



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Container Safety Modifications
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