Adding to the amenities of your site, small kitchenettes can be installed to allow for the preparation of food and sanitsation.  Kitchenettes can be equipped with shelves and cupboards to allow for utensil and crockery storage and with benches and power outlets for appliances.




  • Hand Basin
    Hand Basin
  • Small kitchenete
    Small kitchenette
    with dish space,
    shelving & cupboards
  • Kitchen
    Medium kitchenette
    with stainless steel
    counters, shelving &
  • Water chiller
    External water
    chiller & taps



shipping container with kitchenette seafood_processing_area_-_stainless_steel_
Shipping container modified into a kitchen - internal view
20GP Kitchen Office Modified Shipping Container Interior 1
Kitchenette with shelving
Kitchenette with drawers and sink
20ft Washery Container
Kitchenette and stove with extractor fan
20ft Café Servery Container
20ft Café Servery Container1
Modification Type: 
Container Fittings