We understand that certain liquids can cause damage to human life and have legal requirements for safety.  We build to suit Australian safety standards and regularly provide new dangerous goods containers and modified hazardous waste storage containers to the mining and consturction industry.  When it comes to liquid containment and spill management, a shipping container can easily be fabricated to include bunded floors with a mesh grid cover.  Bunds come in standard capacities with the 10, 20 and 40 foot dangerous goods containers but can be customized to contain more or less capacity to meet special safety standards and converted to include secondary drainage or other requirements such as spark free mesh coverings.


  • Mesh Floor Covering
    Spark free mesh covering
  • Bund Capacity
    Bund Capacity



Shipping container with bunded flooring
20ft bolster
20ft dangerous goods bolster side view
Fully bunded
Bund capacity of 700L
2500L Bund Capacity
Fully bunded1
Modification Type: 
Container Safety Modifications
Modification of: